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Interior Home Maintenance
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Exterior Home and Property Maintenance
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Large Project      Advocacy

If it involves keeping the interior of a home safe and sound, we will do it.  Changing locks, fixing doors, light plumbing and electrical, changing filters, maintaining windows, bathroom and kitchen caulking, checking smoke detectors, checking attic and basement for water and moisture penetration, testing sump pumps, installing shower handles, painting.  You get the idea...if it's under the roof, we maintain it or fix it.

Same story for the exterior.  If it needs done, we will do it. Light trim repair,    painting, window trim caulking, etc. We will also work on small landscape and yard work: trimming low branches and bushes, improving grade around the foundation, shoveling snow...even weeding a garden.  Mom can decide what is important based on the season.

This can become the single greatest value that we bring to Mom.  Something large will need fixed or replaced and will go beyond our scope of services:  New roof, HVAC unit, foundation integrity issues etc.  When this time comes....nobody steps foot in Mom's house until we have completely vetted them, reviewed their credentials, verified their insurance, blueprints, plans AND pricing.  If all that looks good.....then they can get to work!

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     Wish List 

Does Mom need her seasonal decorations moved from the crawl space to the first floor?  Move the Victrola to another room?  Rearrange furniture to create a safer space...or just look better?  Crawl in the attic to see "what that noise is"? Done and done!!  These are the "little" things that so many people have no viable way of doing without disturbing others, so they simply do not happen.  Now Mom can decide what needs done...and when!

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Wellness Monitoring

No computer skills are needed for Mom to fully engage with the intuitive touch interface.  The large touchscreen provides Mom with social communications, medication prompts, reminders, instructions and web based entertainment.  Optional environmental sensors, activity sensors and digital medical devices can be added to the system as needed.  These devices can be used to notify designated family member by text, phone or email if wellness readings fall out of range.

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