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Mom Can Stay takes a two layered approach to keeping Mom and Dad safe at home.  The first is to focus on keeping the house fully functioning with all components in safe working order.  The second layer is implementing our Mom Can Stay Wellness portal.  This portal and the underlying software system has been in use for 15 years so it is tried and true with no surprises.  No computer skills are needed for Mom to fully engage with the intuitive touch interface. The heart of the portal is a large touchscreen in the residence which provides Mom with social communications, medication prompts, reminders, instructions and web based entertainment.   Optional environmental sensors, activity sensors and digital medical devices can be added to the system as needed. These devices can be used to notify designated family members by text,  phone, or email if wellness readings fall out of range.

Each month Mom will receive:

*  4 hours of professional Handyman services that cover our 60 point home maintenance checklist AND any small items that need to be done around the home. 

*  Up to one hour of phone support to keep Mom's Wellness portal updated with her changing needs.  We can remotely update her system to accommodate new reminders, medications, engagements with family, alerts or anything else she needs to keep her safe and the family informed and engaged. 

   *  Access to pre-arranged, discounted rates  for Vendor Expert work that needs to be done. (  HVAC / Roofing / Plumbing / Electrical / Room additions etc. ) These are Tradesmen International certified and insured professionals that are accountable to us and Mom.  

   *   Our In Home Advocate will act as a liaison between Mom and any contractor that needs to be called in for large projects or home improvements. ( roof replacement, room addition, new furnace, new windows, etc.)  When this time comes...nobody steps foot in Mom's house until we have completely vetted them, reviewed their credentials, verified their insurance, blueprints, plans AND pricing.  If all that looks good, then they can get to work!

In addition to these services Mom will be provided two "On Demand" visits each year of 4 hours each.  These are non-emergency visits that must be scheduled. These would be for slightly larger projects that come up throughout the year that can't be handled on the montly visits.

Because of the nature of our program, we are selective about who we bring on as a client.  Our program is simply NOT for everyone.  It will not work for those who are in need of advanced physical or medical care.  We are not a medical or home health care agency.    We will do interviews with Mom and family members to determine if her personality, home, family and needs are a fit for our team.

We feel that our thoughtful program has created the absolute best value and most unique solution in the market today.  We hope you agree and we look forward to meeting  Mom and making her a part of our family.

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