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Instead of seeing it as a COST we like to say there is an INVESTMENT of $299 per month into Mom's home and her safety!   However, there IS a cost to not properly maintaining a home.  The National Association of Home Builders recommends that a home  over 10 years old should have a maintenance budget of 3% per year of it's value simply to keep it from depreciating.  Our ongoing services will ensure that Mom's home continues to appreciate in value each year until such time that it must be sold.  Regardless of who sells it...Mom or a family member....they will be thankful that it is in pristine condition and sells for top dollar which will help with the financial legacy that Mom wants for her loved ones.

Each month Mom will receive:

   *  4 hours of professional Handyman services that cover our 60 point home maintenance checklist AND any small items that need to be done around the home. 

*  Up to one hour of phone support to keep Mom's Wellness portal updated with her changing needs.  We can remotely update her system to accommodate new reminders, medications, engagements with family, alerts or anything else she needs to keep her safe and the family informed and engaged. 

   *  Access to pre-arranged, discounted rates for Vendor Expert work that needs to be done. (  HVAC / Roofing / Plumbing / Electrical / Room additions etc. ) These are Tradesmen International certified and insured professionals that are accountable to us and Mom.  This one benefit will save Mom thousands of dollars as she properly maintains and improves her home over the years.

   * In addition to these services, Mom will have two "On Demand" visits of 4 hours each that can be scheduled.  These are for issues that arise throughout the year that cannot be completed during the regular visits.

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